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Tailored inbound marketing strategies just for small businesses.

Inbound marketing seems to be the latest buzzword for any digital marketing campaign. And for good reason! It works to attract customers to your products or services through rich SEO, valuable content, and social media.

Customers are online and searching. They know what they are looking for… does your brand have content that matches that? Gone are the days of direct-marketing strategies. Customers don’t want an email they don’t remember signing up for. They don’t want cold calls from businesses they’ve never heard of. They are clicking mute on ads that don’t speak to them.

Here’s the pipeline of Inbound Marketing and each stage a potential customer goes through before becoming a loyal consumer.


Attraction is where inbound marketing jumps onto the scene! By putting out content that solves your customers’ problems, they will be searching for you! That is the crucial difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing - customers are searching and finding you instead of you searching and finding them. Smart, inbound marketing creates content that adds value, thus attracting customers to your small business.


Inbound marketing doesn’t stop with valuable content that attracts. It moves with the customer through the whole buying process. Once a visitor lands on your website, it is time to convert them to quality leads. Open the conversion on your site with messages, chat features, and forms. By providing additional services and information, these customers can turn into leads.


Turn your leads into customers who purchase your product or service. Effectively using the correct sales tools, you can transform your lead to conversion rates to help grow your small business. Email marketing, CRM platforms, and predictive leads scores help you achieve this transformation.


Now is the time to take those loyal customers and convert them to promoters of your business. You can do this with smart content that is tailored just to delight them. You will know who these promoters are with CRM platforms and comprehensive lists so you can then tailor specific messages.

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Almost 40% of worldwide e-commerce traffic in January 2016 came from search engines.

Are your customers finding you in the sea of competitors? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than ever… and coupled with a smart inbound marketing strategy, it can make a big impact on your small business.

How does SEO elevate your brand?

Google is constantly changing the game of how its search engine optimizes each web page or social media account. Yes, Google takes into consideration your social content when ranking its searches. That’s why having a strong SEO strategy is paramount.

All of these moving parts – SEO, Content, and Social – are what makes a substantial inbound marketing plan. But it goes beyond that… are you using the most current SEO tools and plug-ins on your current site?  We optimize each web page with Yoast SEO plugin to determine each page has the quality SEO keywords and meta descriptions so your site will be found organically. Don’t waste money on expensive Google AdWords campaigns with high pay-per-click rates and low conversion.

Splash will assess your current SEO strategy and give comprehensive recommendations to help your small business website start ranking on Google.

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Per dollar spent, content marketing gets 3 times more leads than paid search

Content is king. And these numbers confirm that a strong content marketing plan outperforms paid search per dollar. Now, that is some ROI that can keep you warm at night.

Having good content on your website brings you many benefits, it:

  • Increases your search engine ranking
  • Makes your look credible
  • Boosts your income from contextual advertisements
  • Guarantees an increase in traffic
  • Likely to make others recommend you

Quality content is essential for any small business that wants to survive. All top websites on the Internet offer excellent content that is optimized for search engines that is constantly updated.

Splash creates rich content for your sites, emails, blogs, and social media that converts leads to customers.

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The top social media trends for 2018.

In 2017, social media continued its rise with more than 3.2 billion active users and more than 5.1 billion active mobile social users worldwide. This large amount of potential customers has prompted 83% of all marketers to take advantage of social media marketing in order to boost sales, promote brand identity, increase social media followers, engage with prospective customers, generate qualified leads and so on.

Splash! can bolster your online presence by engaging with your audience, and developing relevant content for your fans. We'll recommend the platforms that will work best for your business, and manage your social media strategy for you.

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Email use worldwide will top 3 billion users by 2020.

Is your small business prepared to compete with the big fish when it comes to email marketing? In order for buyers to even give salespeople’s messages a full read-through, your emails need to be attention-grabbing, personalized, and valuable from the start. To be the signal that cuts through the noise, your messaging needs to stand out from the sea of competitors by being more thought-provoking and relevant than the rest.

Splash delivers smart email campaigns that include research, analytics, and design.

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