Who are we?

Professional digital marketers looking to help grow your small business.


Toby, a Sprint veteran of more than 14 years, has started several successful small businesses over the last two decades.

Toby is a graduate of the Kauffman Foundation FasTrac Program for Entrepreneurs.

She gets excited about branding and storytelling, typography, color and design! Don’t ask her how a color smells because she’ll tell you the entire story.

Besides reading, Toby’s real passion is learning. She completed two undergraduate degrees while working full time and caring for two sons under the age of 5. Her dream was to get a graduate degree.

In 2015 she threw caution to the wind and started an online graduate program in Internet Marketing. It was an intense and wonderful year – when it was over Toby missed the learning so much she decided to go back for a second graduate degree! If you have two undergraduate degrees, you might as well have two graduate degrees, right?

Her first graduate degree was a Master of Science degree, her second project was an MFA in New Media Design.  It was during this second degree that Toby discovered her passion for typography and cultivated her old love of colors and design.

As a 10 year member of Toastmasters International, Toby is an accomplished public speaker and loves telling stories. If you want to make an impact, everything should begin with a story. When you hear those magic words “once upon a time” don’t you lean forward in your seat to hear more?

Once upon a time there lived a girl who was lost and never really knew her purpose. She had many small accomplishments and the days passed. One after the other after the other. But one day she ran away and found herself and has spent the last decade becoming the person she was meant to be…

Toby loves to write and is currently working on a book which she hopes to publish in 2019. She also loves reading and writing poetry. Toby is a Collector-Of-Words, keeping a journal where she writes beautiful phrases and twists on words that catch her eye.

Toby and Chris have 5 grandchildren between them, all of whom live in the Kansas City area. They also have 2 canine ‘children’ who travel everywhere with them. Toby and Chris love to take road trips and often drive back to Maine where Chris grew up.

Kendra is a writer and creator, putting thoughts, ideas, and imagination into writing. Though she has been writing for many years, it wasn’t until she was asked to write consistently for a website, that she began to explore her passion even further.

Kendra has written for a start-up company, a non profit organization, and has done freelance work for all kinds of businesses across the United States. With an eye for perfection, and a heart for descriptive imagery, Kendra brings editing skills and creative writing to the Splash team..


Takao joined Splash as a summer intern.

Takao is interested in web design and programing, and has enjoyed working on websites at Splash. He especially appreciates completing tasks faster and more effectively. Takao finds satisfaction in taking care of each small part to make it perfect.

Takao comes from Japan, and is now majoring mathematics at William Jewell College .


Christian has dozens of years experience in the high tech industry, starting with 6 years in the U.S. Navy.

Chris has a wealth of experience from being a commercial fisherman off the coast of Maine, to construction supervisor in Boston. He also spent many months living overseas supporting hi- tech industry.

Chris is currently working on a Master’s degree in Professional Writing and brings his writing skills to Splash.


Kevin has enjoyed a diverse career in many high tech fields: from supporting U. S. Naval weapon systems in Asia, to developing solutions for smartphone giants such as Apple and Samsung. 

He understands the challenges of developing for mobile applications, performance analysis, and bottom-line results.

Kevin earned an MBA from Pepperdine University in 2016.

Now that you know us, let’s work together to build your small business.